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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Cyprus Stamps News Daily

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Saturday, October 19, 2013

EUROPA Stamps of Cyprus: 1970s issues

In August I wrote a topic on my Cyprus Stamps blog about Cyprus EUROPA stamps issued in the 1960s with the promise that I would follow it up with another for the Cyprus 1970s issues.

It's taken me a while to get there, but here they are...

Spotlight: Cyprus EUROPA Stamps 1970s

1970 - Europa "Flaming Sun" 4 May 1970

1971 - Europa "Chain" 3 May 1971

1972 - Europa "Communications" 22 May 1972

1973 - Europa "Posthorn" 7 May 1973

1974 - "The Rape of Europa" (Silver Stater of Marion) 29 April 1974

1975 - Europa "Paintings" 28 April 1975
A se-tenant of 3 stamps featuring the following paintings: "The Distaff" (M. Kashalos), "Nature Morte" (C. Savva) and "Virgin and Child of Liopetri" (G.P. Georghiou)

1976 - Europa "Ceramics" 3 May 1976

1977 - Europa "Paintings" 2 May 1977
 20mils: View of Prodhromos (A. Diamantis), 60mils: Springtime at Monagrouli (T. Kanthos) and 120mils: Old Port, Limassol (V. Ioannides)

1978 - Europa "Architecture" 24 April 1978
25mils: Chrysorrhogiatissa Monastery Courtyard, 75mils: Kolossi Castle, 125mils: Municipal Library, Paphos

 1979 - Europa "Telecommunications" 30 April 1979

To see all of our current availability of the EUROPA stamps of Cyprus including those issued in north Cyprus (Turkish Cypriot) Stamps, Booklets and First Day Covers etc please follow this Cyprus EUROPA stamps link.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Spanos and the Forty Dragons - Cyprus Children's Stamp 2013 issue


On 9 October 2013: Put back to 13 November 2013h) "Children's Stamp" - "Spanos and the Forty Dragons" ("Ο Σπανος τζαι οι Σαραντα Δρατζιοι")
Self-adhesive stamp booklet comprising of 5 individual stamps contained in an illustrated booklet. 

This booklet, no FDCs (First Day Covers) will now be released at the same time as the Cyprus Christmas Stamp issue for 2013.

So, who is or was Spanos?

Apparently, he got his name because he had no moustache or beard and the Cypriot village he lived in had its' water supply restricted by a group of some 40 dragons. So the diminutive Spanos set off to sort them out once and for all. The story goes that our hero defeated all the dragons and the water ran freely once again. Sadly, there is no explanation how one man managed to slay all forty dragons single handed but then I suppose, that would destroy the essence of this folk story... The story was transferred into written form in 1958 (a very good year) ;-)

Of course, it's not really all about dragons - the real story behind this tale is about Cyprus' various enemies during her history of civilisation. She still fights on and one day perhaps through sheer determination she may finally be free....

To whet your appetite until we manage to create some clear images from the Cyprus Post official release leaflet, here are some images and behind the 2013 Children's Stamp issue:

Technical Information for this issue:
Linocut: Hambis Tsangaris printmaker, Limassol
Artwork: Christina Vasiliadou Mezavorian, Limassol
Text: Eleni Sioufta

Size of adhesive stamp booklet: 9 x 22 cm
Quantities: 28,000
Printing method: Litho-Offset on unwatermarked paper
Printer: Giesecke & Devrient Matsoukis S.A., Greece

An engraving from Hambis of Limassol, Cyprus - the person behind the Lithograph
Phonecards (top image from

For further details on this and the 2013 Christmas stamp issue, please visit website.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Organisms of the Mediterranean Marine Environment. Cyprus 5 June 2013 stamp issue news

Next Stamp Issue Details for Cyprus Stamps 5 June 2013

The Mediterranean is a mosaic of cultures, natural features and human activity. Thousands of years ago, man began living on its shores and took to its waters. Fishing, Trade and Navigation created the foundations for wide-scale development across its length and breadth.
The Mediterranean Sea has now become an ecologically significant area. There are a number of varied ecosystems in the Mediterranean which are areas of reproduction, development and protection of marine organisms.
Around 12.000 species have been recorded, of which 8.000 are fauna, 1.500 flora and 2.500 that belong to other groups.
All current images are sample images as taken from the post office issue leaflet

"Organisms of the Mediterranean Marine Environment"

Ready to pre-order from Thursday 30 May 2013 for dispatch on the very first day of issue.
Look out for them in the NEW Stamp Issue at

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Next Cyprus Stamp Issue Details (Europa 2013 - Postal Vehicles) and Aromatic Stamps (Oregano)

Cyprus Stamps 02 May 2013.
Two New Issues

"Europa 2013
this issue will consist of two stamps and a booklet containing a strip of 4 sets of stamps (8 stamps). The common theme adopted by the European Postal Organisation (POSTEUROP) is "Postal Vehicles".


The first postal service in Cyprus was established by the Austrians in 1845. In 1871 the first Ottoman post office was opened in Nicosia, and a second in Larnaca in 1873. All these were closed in 1878 when a temporary British Postal Service was opened.

During these early years the only public transport that operated between Larnaca and Nicosia was a horse drawn coach or a mail cart. A horse service was employed to carry meil to and from other towns and a mounted postman was not required to work for more than 100 miles per week. Mules were used in rural areas and bicycles within towns, suburbs and villages.

In 1910 mail services by motor vehicles was instigated between Limassol and Nicosia via Kophinou and Larnaca. In 1915 a contract was entered to with the Cairo motor company (London based) for motorized mail services covering all the towns thus heralding the end of a long epoch of mail coaches. Towards the middle of the 20th century mail buses were put in service between major towns. Vans, such as those depicted on the current stamps, were introduced for the collection and distribution of bulk mail between outlying post offices in the towns and cities. Bicycles were replaced by scooters or small motorcycles.

Text: Barkev Mihranian
Source: Stamps and Philatelic Service, Cyprus Post

Available as single stamps (Mint and Used/CTO) and on Post Office official First Day Cover.


 "Aromatic Stamps - Origanumcommemorative stamp issue will consist of a souvenir sheet (minisheet) and one stamp. For the printing of the stamps an aromatic varnish will be used.


Oregano - or "rouvanos" -  is a member of the Lamiaceae family. It is an aromatic bush or semi-bush growing up to 100cm tall with spade-shaped, succulent and thick hairy leaves.

It is a species native to Cyprus, restricted mainly to the Pafos forest area and thrives in rocky areas in various habitats, at an altitude between 200-100m. It is used extensively in cooking and is one of the most popular herbs in the Mediterranean cuisine. Oregano is effective against headaches and insomnia and acts as a cure for stomach ailments. It also has analgesic and sedative properties. Its essential oils are extracted and used in the perfumery and pharmaceutical industry.

Oregano can be used as an ornamental plant and provides ground cover in combination with other species. It is also used in rock gardens and pots. It thrives in well-drained soil and can be planted from seed.

Text: Department of Forest
Stamps and Philatelic Service, Cyprus Post

Available as single stamps, Mini / Souvenir Sheet (Mint and Used/CTO) and on Post Office official First Day Cover.

All current images are sample images as taken from the post office issue leaflet

Friday, April 12, 2013

Colourful envelope with stamps to post to Norway today.

Today's offering is a large and very colourful envelope which is all ready to be dispatched off to Norway by registered mail from Cyprus.

We always try to use stamps to the value of the cost of the registered item rather than just sticking the barcode on it from the post office.

This way, our Cyprus Stamps collectors also get a selection of Used Cyprus stamps too!

This envelope has a full sheet of €0.22c Cyprus Red Cross stamps (issued January 2013), Cyprus 2012 Europa stamp ("Visit....."), Cyprus' silver medal winner from the 2012 Olympics (Pavlos Kontides) plus a few others and of course, the obligatory Cyprus Refugee stamp.

I hope you enjoy looking and I hope the recipient is pleased with it too!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

North Cyprus 2013 Stamp Issues News.

We now have the preliminary issues list for Turkish Cypriot (north Cyprus) stamps for the coming year.

There will be six (6) issues between March and November 2013.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer pre-issue orders for north Cyprus stamps as we do not regularly visit the north but do aim to go through the UN controlled buffer zone at least twice each year.

On 12 March 2013:
1) "People Who Served the Turkish Cypriot Community"

On 18 April 2013:
2) "Prevention of Traffic Accidents (Competition)"

On 6 May 2013:
3) "Europa stamp 2013 (Post Office Vehicles)"

On 8 July 2013:
4) "Flora and Fauna"

On 10 September 2013:
5) "Islamic Arts and Culture"

On 20 November 2013:
6) "Anniversaries and Events"

The list may be subject to change and where we are aware of this we will update the Stamp Issues Calendar page and the North Cyprus stamp listings  accordingly.

Please visit Cyprus Stamps website often as we constantly add and update our listings and stock levels on a daily basis.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

North Cyprus Postal Stationery

Last Wednesday 20 February we took a short visit over the UN controlled buffer zone in Nicosia through to the north side to collect some of the more recent Turkish Cyprus stamp issues.

While there, we came across this set of 5 (five) pre-paid postcards which we hadn't seen previously. The price on each postcard is 60 Kurus.

I thought you might like to take a peep at them....

They feature the following:

  •  Bellapais Abbey
  •  Kantara Castle
  •  Bedesten
  •  St Nicholas Cathedral
  •  Soli Ruins

The back view of all 5 postcards can be seen here below:

To purchase this set of North Cyprus pre-paid postal stationery please do so via the listed item on Cyprus Stamps website. 

Payment can be made using our secure payment processor, PayPal.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cyprus 2013 Refugee Tax Fund stamp

Did I forget to show you the new Cyprus Refugee Stamp issued on 30 January 2013?


Well, here it is:

It looks a little similar to the 2010 issue but when you get them side by side, the colours are actually quite different.

2013 Cyprus Refugee Tax Fund stamp

2010 Cyprus Refugee Tax Fund stamp

You can find a full range of Cyprus Refugee stamps issued between 1974 to present date on Cyprus Stamps website.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cyprus stamps 2013 issues list - a small delay

Usually around this time of year we're eagerly awaiting the list of Cyprus stamps issues from the Philatelic Department but at the moment, it seems there isn't one - just yet.....

I checked my dates at the weekend and my records indicate we published the preliminary list of stamp issues for Cyprus in 2012 in the early part of February, just after the January 2012 stamp release.

However, after a phone call to the postal services office yesterday it seems nothing is forthcoming in the immediate future.

"Why is this?" I hear you all screaming at this point.....

Well, if you recall back to November 2011 we were promised there was to be a release of the Definitive stamps of Cyprus around the same time as the Christmas stamp issue - but it never happened.

Neither did it happen at the end of 2012 either :-(

Hmmmmm, so what is afoot we ask ourselves?

All kinds of thought were going around in our heads but there is a perfectly simple explanation....

Did you get it yet?

Yep, the price of mail in Cyprus will be increased sooner or later which means the price of Cyprus postage stamps will be on the up. At the moment, it appears the Government/Postal Services departments have not yet figured out what the new prices are going to be - so watch this space....

And, remember where you heard it first!

P.S. Don't forget the new Cyprus stamp issues will be released on 30 January 2013 and we're wondering what the new reprint of the Cyprus Refugee Fund stamp will look like. 
Will it be the same but a different colour again as in the past?

2012 Cyprus Refugee Fund stamp
2011 Cyprus Refugee Fund stamp
2010 Cyprus Refugee Fund stamp
Further examples of the Cyprus Refugee Fund stamps from previous years can be found on our website.