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In addition, I buy and sell Cyprus First Day Covers and Postal History Items along with Turkish Cypriot stamps and covers from the Occupied areas of Northern Cyprus.

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Also Cyprus Geological collectables (books, ophiolite specimens, maps etc) and other Cyprus collectable items - postcards, maps, breweriana and more...

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Old Olive Mill, Kolossi

Tonight we're off out with some of our best friends to the Old Olive Mill situated on the main road that runs between Kolossi and Erimi villages.

For such a compact place it has an extensive menu and reasonable prices. Surprisingly, the 2 don't always go together in Cyprus!

We know that Eugene and Rachel will look after all 6 of us this evening. The only hard part now, is deciding what to have!

Pop in sometime when you're passing and visit them. You can stop by and have a drink, a sandwich or a light lunch and then nip in to the Olive Mill Museum to find out how it all works.

On the first Monday in every month the Old Olive Mill plays host to a charity book sale in aid of Catsnip. Catsnip trap and neuter stray cats within the Limassol district and then return the cats back to their location.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Stamp Collecting Videos

Watch & Learn with Cyprus Stamps

As time goes by I will collate and add some interesting video footage for those of you who would like to learn more about the fascinating hobby of collecting postage stamps.

Pre-order the first Cyprus stamp issues of 2011 - NOW!

Anorthosis Centenary (100 Years of Ammochostos Football Club) 
and 18th Century Famous Composers, featuring Bach, Mozart and Beethoven.

The above issues are now ready to pre-order in advance of the day of issue (Friday 28 January 2011)

To help us serve you better, please order online and pay before midnight Wednesday 26 January 2011 in order to have them dispatched to you on the day of issue.

Mint stamps and full sheets are available as Cancelled to Order upon request. Please inform us when you place your order in the Special Instructions field during the order process.

Stamps, first day covers and full sheets can be located in the Latest Stamp Issue category on our website.

Thank you! 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Back in stock - Cyprus 1928 George V stamp £5 SG117a

Cyprus Stamps SG 117a 1928 £5 King George V (black on yellow) - Mint FAKE

Cyprus Stamps SG 117a 1928 £5 King George V (black on yellow) - Mint FAKE
Price £8.75

Contains perforations and watermark.
Produced in Italy during the year 2000

Please note: this is a genuine forgery - "fill that gap" until the real thing comes along... Well, we can all live in hope!

View this item in our website.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Featured Cyprus Stamp Items Instore

Cyprus stamps - Advertising Booklets

Cyprus Stamps Advertising Booklet Carlsberg - MINT


Cyprus Stamps Advertising Booklet Jet Blue - MINT


Cyprus Stamps Advertising booklet - Cyprus Airways - MINT


 Find more Cyprus stamp advertising booklets on our website.

All advertising booklets contain the stamps as displayed in the photo of the item.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

NEW STAMP ISSUE - 28 January 2011

Anorthosis Centenary (100 Years of Ammochostos Football Club) and 18th Century Famous Composers, featuring Bach, Mozart and Beethoven.

Sample images can be found below:

Issue 01/2011
100 Years of Anorthosis, Ammochostos Football Club 

Anorthosis was established in Ammochostos in 1911 and this year it celebrates 100 years of historic, sporting and cultural achievement. It was and continues to be a beacon of progress and a contributor to the Cyprus community and in particular the national issue. It takes a leading role and has assisted in encouraging sports through the various team sections it operates. The Anorthosis Association displacement due to the Turkish invation in 1974 did not put an end to its brilliant course; from its temporary base in Larnaka, it has succeeded in progressing in sport gaining an international reputation. Therefore, Anorthosis is undoubtedly an unyielding ambassador of Cyprus. Its main vision remains its return to its ancestral land.

 First day of issue cancellation stamp for Anorthosis Centenary

Text source: Anorthosis Ammochostou F.C.

Issue 02/2011
18th Century Famous Composers

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
Johann Sebastian Bach was born at Eisenach, Germany the youngest of 11 children. By the age of 10 his parents had died and he was brought up by his elder brother. He came from a musical family and became one of the world's greatest composers. His musical talents developed from string-playing to composing and performing keyboard and sacred music. He became well known as an accomplished organist while serving Price Leopold of Anhald-Cothen in 1717. He spend the last years of his life in Leipsig where he wrote 300 cantatas for the city churches.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in Salzburg, Austria. "Amadeus" is the Latin version of "Theopilus", one of the four names he was given an birth. Mozart was a musical prodigy. He composed his first pieces for the keyboard aged five and soon mastered the violin. Among his works were more than 20 symphonies, various operas, concertos, quartets and comic masterpieces such as "The marriage of Figaro". Mozart married Constanze Weber. They had six children of whom only two survived. Although he had many commissions he was financially insecure. He died a pauper without completing his last commission "The Requiem Mass".

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)
Ludwig van Beethoven was born in Born, Germany. His first music lessons were from his father. Beethoven left school at the age of 11 but continued his music lessons under other musicians including Mozart and Haydn. In 1799 he composed his piano Concerto "The Pathetique" which he dedicated to his lifelong financial supporter Prince Karl Lichnowsky. He wrote many symphonies, piano sonatas, quartets, the Emperor concerto and one opera "Fidelio". His desire to marry was never fulfilled and by 1812, tormented by his deafness he became anti-social and eccentric. He gave his last piano performance in 1814.

First day of issue cancellation stamp for 18th Century Famous Composers

18th Century Famous Composers - Official First Day Cover

Information provided by: Cyprus Post, Stamps and Philatelic Service

All stamps and covers will be available to pre-order in advance of issue very soon on Cyprus Stamps website.

Please look out for more details and dates for pre-order in our News page

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Private cachet / unofficial first day cover envelopes from Cyprus Stamps

My husband started to make his own first day cover cachet envelopes a couple of years ago so I thought I would share some of them with you.....

Cyprus Geology - Troodos Ophiolite Sequence

If you have found this page then you just have to be a geology enthusiast and what better place to get your hands on samples taken from Cyprus' famous Ophiolite Sequence?

We offer the official boxed collection of 15 samples taken from Troodos Mountain Range and dispatch worldwide. It's an affordable way of being able to study this magnificent collection of rock and mineral samples, which include:

  1. Tectonite Harzburgite
  2. Chrysotile Asbestos
  3. Chromite
  4. Dunite
  5. Wehrlite
  6. Pyroxenite
  7. Gabbro
  8. Plagiogranite
  9. Diabase Dyke complex
10. Andesites-Dacites (lower pillow lavas)
11. Massive Sulphides
12. Ochre
13. Olivine Basalt (upper pillow lavas)
14. Picrite Basalt (upper pillow lavas)
15. Umber

Buy the set on its' own or get the complete range of a boxed geology set of samples, the 1973 1st Edition Guidebook to the Troodos Mountains by geologist , William Dreghorn plus a handy pocket sized book entitled "From Sea to Summit" - by Ron Dutton.

Take a closer look at our Cyprus geological collection on our website.

We offer payment by PayPal for your added online security.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

NEW - Cyprus stamp listings added to our shop

Pre-Republic of Cyprus stamps added

1880 SG4 Queen Victoria 4d (Sage Green) 
View this item in our shop here

1921 SG95 King George V 4 piastres
View this item in our shop here

1922 SG97 King George V 9 piastres
View this item in our shop here

1923 SG96 King George V 6 piastres
View this item in our shop here