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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cyprus Trash - photographs

Rubbish Cyprus?

If you are a lover of all things Cyprus, this posting may leave you somewhat disillusioned...

An interesting website I came across today, during my forage around the various Cyprus forum posts and online news:

It shows graphic images of the amount of rubbish that is dumped in all areas in Cyprus and some of the clean up attempts that have been made.

It was posted in response to a recent article regarding human sewage (apparently in plastic bags) being found in the sea and beaches of one of the popular public beaches used by local residents in Limassol.

An extract from the article can be read below:
"There was an item on one of CyBC's lunchtime news programmes about the sewage turning up on Curium beach, an area which comes under the auspices of the British Sovereign Bases.

Our learned CyBC journalist (Paris Potamitis) seized the opportunity to do some more 'Brit-bashing', accusing them of polluting our magnificent beaches with their crap. Mr Kariolou told of how the CTO had asked the British authorities for an explanation in late July only to be told that the said pollution is likely to have been caused by a passing shipping that disposed of their waste in the sea.

The CTO insists that the waste is more likely to have been carried down the coast from the shore but whoever caused the problem isn't really the issue; it was primarily a God-given opportunity to re-focus the microscope on the others, yet again, while ignoring our culpability."

Friday, August 21, 2009

Interview with Cyprus Stamps

Hey, check out my interview on whohub and how we started our Cyprus stamps online store, including my thoughts about it.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kevin Talks Films

I thought I would share this new Blog with you....

The owner is Kevin, one of my colleagues from work.

He is very "big" into modern film and TV series - I'm still waiting to borrow his 24 series!!!

Yesterday, I introduced him to Torchwood so will see if he maybe wants to borrow that from me. I find it's a much more grown up version of the Doctor Who tv series and we've just finished the first of the Torchwood series.

We're now looking forward to watching the downloaded Series 2.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Photos from Prive catamaran - Limassol Old Port, Cyprus

These photos were taken from my office summer party on 8 August 2009. We sailed out of Limassol Old Port at around 5pm and cruised out along Akrotiri coastline, almost to the peninsula. We stopped for some swimming and later came back dancing to the music after the sun had gone down.....


Anastasia & Yana


Cristina, her boyfriend & Piotr


Some more of the EGO office staff.