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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cyprus - Joint Issue or Related stamps of interest.

Bulgaria and Belgian stamps with Cyprus in common

Bulgaria Mini Sheet - Issued 1980

Belgium Mini Sheet - Issued 2004

Belgium 2004 Mini Sheet - MINT

Both are available to buy on our website - click the image/s or text to follow the link to the item.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

NEW Cyprus stamp issue - March 2011

Next New Issue - 23 March 2011

We have 2 new Cyprus stamp issues due for release on Wednesday 23 March. 

Details are as follows:

Cyprus - Aromatic Flowers - The Rose

This is a very exciting issue as the stamps will be "smelly" - aromatic stamps come to Cyprus! 

The rose is the well-known fragrant flower of a small shrub with serrated leaves that is cultivated almost all over the world.
The rose bush and its bloom, the rose, were known from ancient times and have been cultivated as a decorative plant or to extract rose oil for the preparation of fragrances.

In Christian times the rose was used as a symbol of Virgin Mary and in general as a symbol of purity. In medieval times the rose was used as an emblem of various leading houses and as a decorative element on buildings. Rosewater is produced from the bloom of a specific type of rose bush with many petals, very fragrant, red or pink. The rose, because of its large variety of colours and scents, is one of the best-loved flowers and is used by man in all corners of the Earth to mark various events in their lives.

Text: Paschalis Eliopoulos, Nicosia

 Technical Information (Single Stamp) see sample image above.

Design-Artwork: Elena Eliadou, Nicosia. 
Size of stamps: 38 x 38 mm 
Sheet layout: Sheets of 8 stamps 
€0,34: 150000 
FDCs: €1,53: 8000 
Printing method: Litho-Offset on unwatermarked paper 
Printer: Giesecke & Devrient Matsoukis S.A., Greece

Technical Information (Mini Sheet) -see sample image above.

Design-Artwork: Elena Eliadou, Nicosia.
Size of stamps: 75 x 75 mm
€0,85: 100000
FDCs: €1,53: 8000
Printing method: Litho-Offset on unwatermarked paper
Printer: Giesecke & Devrient Matsoukis S.A., Greece 

Also available in full sheets and on First Day Cover - images will be available soon. 

Cancellation mark for Aromatic Flowers Cyprus stamp issue.

Cyprus Embroidery

Embroidery is a symmetrical and harmonic, geometric or free pattern or representation made by hand on fabric using a needle or crocheting needle and thread or woven on a loom.
From ancient times, embroidery was considered woman's work and was developed as a result of mankind's need for nicer clothing and beautiful objects for daily use.

The oldest embroidery known is from 15th century BC Egypt, a beautiful piece with colourful, symmetrical stitching.

The art of embroidery was particularly developed in the Renaissance period, especially in Venice, Genoa and Milan.

In the Hellenic world there is a rich tradition of embroidery from the Homeric period. In Greece and in Cyprus, many women from the countryside are involved in embroidery, either on a professional basis on to meet the needs of their own homes, making embroidery one of the most significant contributions to our local art.

Lefkara lace (lefkaritika) is renowned not only in Cyprus but abroad; the lace is characterised by the richness and variety of the patterns and it has very recently been included on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Leonardo da Vinci was a great admirer of Lefkara lace and, when he visited Lefkara village, he took a lefkaritiko cloth and donated it to the Duomo di Milano cathedral and it still adorns the main altar to date. The famous needle lace "fervoulite", from Karavas, is well known, as are "pipiles" and "krosiedes", the most common type of embroidery in many villages in Cyprus. The "fithkiotika" and "lefkonitziatika" multi-coloured laces are also well known, created when the cloth is woven on the loom.

Unfortunately with industrial development this local handicraft, that makes our lives so beautiful, is dying out.

Text: Paschalis Eliopoulos, Nicosia


Technical Information (2 stamp values) see sample images above.
Design-Artwork: Konstantinos Panagi, Nicosia. 
Size of stamps: 30 x 40,5 mm 
Sheet layout: Sheets of 8 stamps 
€0,26: 50000 
€0,43: 100000 
FDCs: €1,03: 8000 
Printing method: Litho-Offset on unwatermarked paper 
Printer: Giesecke & Devrient Matsoukis S.A., Greece

 Also available in full sheets and on First Day Cover - images will be available soon.

Cancellation mark for Cyprus Embroidery stamp issue.

All information is provided from the official post office issue leaflet.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Specialist Auctions - we're closing....

We're closing all our Cyprus stamp listings on Specialist Auction site and moving everything to our main Cyprus Stamps website.

We have approximately 14 items that will expire today 12th February and after that, you will be able to find pretty much all our stock available on our website with the exception of a few eBay listings.

Happy hunting!

Cyprus - A FREE and complete list of stamps issued since 1960 to present date

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The list includes Cyprus Stamps and covers issued since 1960 to present date and will be updated as new issues are introduced. Click here to see a screen shot of the workbook taken from the 2000's tab location.  

If you would like to have your FREE copy of the whole workbook emailed to you in Excel format, please request it using the Contact Us online form from the website.
Please note: the list mainly covers the Republic of Cyprus issues. North Cyprus stamp issues are still in the process of being added.
We use Stanley Gibbons numbering system on the workbook and throughout Cyprus Stamps website

 Recent Cyprus Stamp Issues

Republic of Cyprus Stamp Issues
Year of Issue  
2011 Preliminary list only
2010 Completed
Click on the relevant Year of Issue link to go to the required list.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cyprus - Ancient Kourion (Curium), Episkopi Bay

A taste of ancient history from the Greco Roman city of Ancient Kourion, perched high on the cliffs above Episkopi Bay - within the Soveriegn Base Area.

Thanks to florentza80 for sharing it with us.

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Turkish Cypriot (North Cyprus) stamps

I suppose I don't really shout as often as I should about the stamps from the Turkish occupied North of the island of Cyprus and maybe I should....

With that in mind, I've decided to share issues that take my fancy from time to time.

I hope you enjoy looking!

For more stamps and covers from Turkish occupied Cyprus since 1974 (North Cyprus) and for pre and post Republic of Cyprus (South), please visit my website and online shop: