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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Is eBay making it difficult for stamp sellers?

An interesting article below, brought to my attention today by another Twitter follower to my account @CyprusStamps...

One particular part of the blog post certainly strikes a chord:
Problem number 2: Stamp collectors... collect stamps. It would be possible for me to make shipping less expensive by using an online shipping service, through which the USPS offers reduced priced shipping and free (or very low cost) tracking. However, that would mean using a pre-printed and encoded paper label as postage, rather than stamps. Pretty boring, for a stamp collector-- especially given how many buyers write to me (with their payment) to say "please use current commemorative stamps on your mailing." Thus following the one avenue to savings would potentially hurt my reputation, as a seller.

What part of "stamp collecting" do eBay not get?
I too get asked on many an occasion (both on eBay and on sales through my personal Cyprus Stamps website) to add current issues or even particular stamp issues as postage on the envelope I'm sending their stuff in.
Very often when sending by Registered Mail, I choose to not just pay the additional cost for registering the envelope, I put the value in stamps on the envelope instead.

So, make yourself a coffee, get comfortable and read the entire article below - then be prepared to be riled up by what you see there and "share it"!

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